Charlotte Rescue Mission provides a faith-based, residential recovery program at no cost to participants. The program is modeled after the 12-Step Alcoholics Anonymous curriculum, but our program completion rates are twice the national average. Our program has one significant difference that sets us apart – clinical substance abuse counseling within a Christian context.

In the 120-day structured program, residents will experience weekly individual counseling, group therapy, education classes, life skills training, Biblical application for emotional wounds, and sober support group development. Our multi-faceted approach ensures that our residents develop a deep understanding of the root causes of their addiction. In doing so, they learn not only how to cope with the pressures of staying drug and alcohol free, but how to manage life scenarios that can trigger relapse.


Located in the shadow of the Panther’s stadium, Rebound is our program for men. Rebound provides a faith-based, free, residential recovery program for men who would not otherwise be able to afford such services. The program is modeled after the 12-Step Alcoholics Anonymous curriculum, but with one significant difference; by providing clinical substance abuse counseling within a Christian context, our program completion rates are twice the national average.

Located in West Charlotte, Dove’s Nest serves women and their children, ages 3-11. We realize addiction is a family disease and it touches every aspect of the family, including children. While at Dove’s Nest, children also receive clinical care to begin their healing process. We strive to help mothers gain the tools necessary to achieve long-term sobriety while preserving and strengthening bonds with their children. We do this with credentialed counselors working in tandem with the mother and child.


Admission Details

The primary requirement for admission to Charlotte Rescue Mission is that the individual seeking admission must call for themselves. We understand the concern and frustration family members and friends may have regarding their loved ones, however, the chemically dependent person must demonstrate some desire to enter treatment and call for admission themself beginning the recovery process.


  • Assessments and care plan completion
  • Obtaining a sliding scale card (for those without medical insurance)
  • Screening at the local health department
  • Mental health evaluation
  • Learning the basic program schedule environment


  • Be 18 years or older
  • Be motivated for making major life changes and willing to follow directions
  • Have original valid photo identification AND social security card upon admission
  • Have no legal or other various external issues that will disrupt the resident’s program
  • Submit to a full drug screen which includes alcohol upon admission
  • Be medically and psychiatrically stable
  • Be able to sit for an hour at a time
  • Be able to climb stairs
  • Not be on any medications that contain benzodiazepines, barbiturates, alcohol, narcotics or anti-psychotic medications
  • If pregnant, not over 12-week gestation WITH a current obstetrician approval for the program AND a viable aftercare or supportive residence in place post-discharge
  • Be able to read on a 7th-grade level
  • Speak, hear, read, and write English
  • Since we are not hospital-based, we cannot admit people that have chronic medical conditions requiring frequent medical appointments, eating disorders, and certain types of personality and psychiatric disorders (check with the admissions coordinator)
  • Have at least a 30-day supply of medications

Policy Statement

It is the policy of Charlotte Rescue Mission not to discriminate against any resident or potential resident. We do require all residents to be age 18 or older. Residents must also be able to maneuver throughout the facility. It is our policy to ensure and maintain an environment free of coercion, harassment and intimidation. We will take immediate action to ensure that this policy is implemented.

Beyond 120 Days

After completing the 120-day program, we work closely with graduates to ensure that their transition is smooth as they adjust to a new sober lifestyle.

Recovery Living

Graduates have the opportunity to live in transitional housing for up to two years following graduation.


Transition provides up to 60 days at no cost for residents to utilize tools acquired during the Core program to obtain employment and start their next journey.


Our Keep Educating Yourself program is a partnership with local universities to allow graduates to continue their education.

Life Skills

Graduates have the opportunity to learn life skills during the six-month extension program at Community Matters Café.

Food, coffee,
and a cause.

Community Matters Café is an extension program of Charlotte Rescue Mission. The Life Skills Program at Community Matters Café gives graduates the opportunity to gain real-world work experience and help them reintegrate into society.

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We are tobacco-free.

Charlotte Rescue Mission is a Tobacco-Free Agency. Compliance with the following tobacco-free policy is required on campuses and in agency vehicles by employees, residents, volunteers, vendors, and guests.

No tobacco is permitted anywhere on our property. This includes vapes, cigarettes, cigars, and all smoking substances.

No nicotine products are permitted on the property (e.g. snuff, chewing tobacco) except FDA-approved NRT replacement medications.