Our History

Charlotte Rescue Mission was founded in 1938 by a group of Christian business people who wanted to serve those facing homelessness. Because many people who came to the Mission for help during those early years were struggling with addiction, the Mission decided to pivot to focus on addiction recovery.




To serve those at the intersection of homelessness and addiction so they can achieve their God-given potential.




A world free of addiction.

Our Philosophy

We believe that professional counseling and therapy is necessary to help individuals to overcome the consequences of alcoholism and other drug addiction. We also recognize that alcoholism and other drug addictions are a “family illness” and believe that all of the members of the alcoholic’s family need to be a part of the recovery process by receiving specialized help.

Our Team

Our staff is dedicated to providing hope for those battling addiction and homelessness.

Rev. Anthony Marciano II

President & CEO

Brian Bara

Chief Financial Officer

Sharon Bremer

Chief Development Officer

Trina Fullard

Chief Program Officer

Ed Price

Chief Operating Officer

Our Finances

Charlotte Rescue Mission is dedicated to serving people at the intersection of homelessness and addiction. Your contribution goes well beyond supporting a “good cause.” When you donate, you help create life-saving change in a human life that also impacts their families and communities.

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