We have plenty of ways for you to serve.

Volunteering at the mission

How to Volunteer

Charlotte Rescue Mission hosts several volunteer orientations each month. This event gives you a chance to take a tour, meet the staff and learn about volunteer opportunities at our Rebound facility at 907 West 1st Street, or our Dove’s Nest facility at 2855 West Boulevard. They last about an hour and begin promptly. Volunteer orientations are required for anyone who wants to volunteer at the mission.

*Rebound Volunteers on Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter are not required to attend an orientation prior to the holiday.  Those orientations will take place on the holiday.

For more information on volunteering at Rebound, please contact Jeff Glenn at 704-334-4635 ext. 237 or jeff.glenn@charlotterescuemission.org.

Given that we serve children that are coming to us out of difficult and sometimes traumatic circumstances, it is our responsibility to ensure their safety at Dove’s Nest. We are now requiring that volunteers (age 18 and up) be screened with a background check. We have arranged these services through CertifiedBackground.com and will give you more information on “how to” go about doing the background check once you have gone through orientation. For current North Carolina residents the cost is $25 and for those living outside of North Carolina the cost is $45. Additionally, our facility is limited to volunteers ages 16 and up. Some of our children are embarrassed or ashamed of their circumstances and we want to protect their sensitive state of mind by ensuring them that they will never have to worry about running into a peer while living at our facility.

For more information on volunteering at Dove’s Nest, please contact Riley Beetner 704-332-3999 ext. 110 or riley.beetner@charlotterescuemission.org.