Nikki grew up surrounded by addiction and abuse and believed it was just part of life. But after being nearly destroyed by her own addiction, she sought help in changing her life forever . . .

“I was at rock bottom, sleeping in the woods,” Nikki says. She wanted to break free from addiction but had no idea where to begin.

Then she heard about Charlotte Rescue Mission.

After being admitted to our Dove’s Nest recovery program, Nikki learned something new every day, like the role heredity can play in addiction. “My dad and stepmother are addicts. So is my brother. My stepfather was an alcoholic and he used to beat my mother every day,” she says. “A month after I came to Dove’s Nest, my mother died of an overdose.”

“If it weren’t for the Mission, I think I would be dead too.”

Today, Nikki is a new woman. After graduating from Dove’s Nest, she enrolled in our Life Skills program, joining other graduates at work in our Community Matters Café. The café offers a unique environment to learn important work and social skills while serving God and people in our community.

Nikki is deeply thankful to donors, whose support made her fresh start in life possible. “I hope you know the impact you make in people’s lives. I hope that one day, I’ll be able to give back like you do. And I hope you continue to give because you’re giving people hope and the best care out there to beat addiction.”