When Curtis came through the doors of Charlotte Rescue Mission, he had been robbed and stripped of everything that mattered to him.

The thief was addiction, and it crushed all of Curtis’ hopes and dreams—just as it did countless times before. “In one week, I lost everything,” he says.

You see, his wife had already given Curtis too many second chances. So when stress triggered another relapse, Curtis lost it all . . . No wife, no home, no car. Nothing.

“Homelessness brought me to Charlotte Rescue Mission,” Curtis says. “I came here crying for God to reveal Himself to me and to open my heart. I shed a lot of physical tears, too.”

This Easter, a great many souls will come through the Mission doors in need of a meal and safe shelter. Each one longing for forgiveness and a fresh start in life . . .

I pray you will give generously because if every meal we serve this Easter is as life-changing as the first one Curtis received, then this will indeed be a time of renewal, hope, and redemption!

Over that hot meal provided by a friend like you, Curtis said he couldn’t go on like he had been—a slave to addiction, unable to be the man he really wanted to be.

We prayed together and assured him that Christ’s love and forgiveness were already his, and a fresh start could absolutely be found at Charlotte Rescue Mission.

Curtis had tears of joy in his eyes the day he started our Rebound men’s program. He rolled up his sleeves and jumped right in, fully committed to changing himself and his life forever.

Thanks to your support, Curtis found the resources to overcome addiction and the courage to open his heart to the life-transforming love of God!

“If God hadn’t brought me here, I’d probably still be out there suffering. God did for me what I couldn’t do for myself,” he says. “Coming here was a Godsend. I really wanted to stay clean and sober, and I needed to get my life back on track.

“Now, I’m not homeless. I have a place to rest my head. There’s potential to re-establish the relationship with my wife. I’ve got a job and work six days a week. I’m going to go to school. I’m going to be where God wants me to be.”