Anthony’s love of sports and desire to perform better is what first led him to experiment with drugs. But addiction didn’t find a foothold until he was in his thirties. That’s when he was introduced to the hard drugs that would eventually take over his life . . . 

“I functioned for about five years, but addiction just took hold and made me a totally different person. It drained everything out of me,” Anthony says.

“I really hated myself . . . “My family got together and said, ‘If you don’t get yourself together, you’re going to die. You can’t continue down this road.’ I’m blessed by the help they gave me because I had given up.

“I looked for a place to go, and I was lucky to find Charlotte Rescue Mission. I said, ‘I need help.’”

Support from caring friends and donors made it possible for Anthony to join Rebound, our men’s recovery program. Determined to overcome addiction and rebuild relationships with loved ones, he gave the program everything he had.

“It was a rough fight, but I definitely won,” Anthony says with a smile. “The Rebound program helps you gain knowledge about yourself and educates you on addiction. They really do care, and they give you the tools you need for when you leave.”

Anthony is truly grateful for the second chance he’s gotten in life. He says, “I’ve gotten back everything I lost. I’m slowly building back my family’s trust, and they can see the old me coming back. I’m really excited. I’m healthier, and I’m going to get my job back.”

On behalf of men and women like Anthony, thank you for your ongoing support that provides Christian-based residential recovery programs to help people struggling with addiction. Anthony says, “Charlotte Rescue Mission saved my life—and lots of other people’s lives, as well.”