After Angela’s husband of more than 30 years passed away from cancer, her pain and grief led her to drugs. Addiction soon took over her life, burning every bridge . . .

“I gave addiction my home, my job, and the love and respect of my parents and my children,” Angela says, remembering the darkest days of her life when she thought drugs could ease the pain.

“I knew there was one place I needed to be, and it was Charlotte Rescue Mission. I got a call back from Dove’s Nest, and although I had no money, I said, ‘Yes, I’ll get there!’”

Because of your support, Angela received meals, shelter, clothing, and was able to fully commit to her recovery through the Christ-centered care offered in our Dove’s Nest program.

“Today, I am clean, sober, safe, and reconnected with my family,” she says with a broad smile. “There is no price tag and not enough money on God’s earth to have this back in my life. I’m grateful to have the tools, the backing, and the prayers because without these things, I really do not think I would still be alive.”

Thank you for your ongoing support that has made such a huge impact in Angela’s life and in the lives of her loved ones. Truly grateful for the new beginning she received, Angela says, “Charlotte Rescue Mission has given me a chance to be a human being again and to realize I do have worth; I do have value.”