Tommy’s Story

After years of substance abuse and destructive behaviors that cost Tommy his home, separated him from his family and nearly ended his life, he was arrested. When the officer said, “This could be just what you need to get your life back on track,” Tommy knew the man was right.

After Tommy spent two weeks in jail, his lawyer gave him two options: remain incarcerated until trial… or go to the Charlotte Rescue Mission. “And I was ready,” Tommy said. “I was ready to change my life.”

Tommy had grown up in a Christian home and attended church regularly. But over the years, his self-centered desires had taken precedence over building a relationship with the Lord. At the Rescue Mission, Tommy renewed his relationship with God. And through our long-term residential Rebound recovery program, he uncovered the root causes of his challenges in life and learned to manage them in ways that allow him to remain sober and drug free.

As a result of his success in our program and dedication to changing his life, the charges against Tommy were dismissed. “I was very blessed with that,” he said. And because of the respect he earned among the staff and fellow residents, he was invited to take a job at the Rescue Mission when he graduated, enabling him to be a godly example to men who were once on the same destructive path.

“It’s rewarding for me to work with these guys,” he said. “I know where they’re at. I’ve seen it. I’ve been there. I’ve done it.”

With a heart of thanksgiving, Tommy shared these words with friends like you whose gifts and prayers made his transformation possible: “I’m grateful for the things I’ve learned here at the Rescue Mission and for the people who have taught me. They’ve allowed me to live life again… to be happy… to be joyous… to be free.”