Meet Annette…

Annette grew up in a broken home with a father who was constantly cheating on her mother. She grew up believing that like her mother, she didn’t deserve to be treated with love and respect in relationships with men. This belief led her into a string of broken relationships with men, including 3 failed marriages, followed by many years of addiction to mask the pain in her life.

At Dove’s Nest she was able to get in touch with the feelings that kept her using substances and come to the understanding that her Father God loves her and wants her to have a healthy relationship with Him before she begins another relationship with a man. She also connected with NA (Narcotics Anonymous), which has helped her stay clean since graduating the Dove’s Nest.  She continues to live at the Dove’s Nest and greet and encourage all of the new women who enter the program.

Annette now works at the Fashion & Compassion  jewelry project. Annette has poor vision and has had multiple surgeries on her eyes, making it difficult for her to find employment. She previously worked as a cook and continually burned herself because of her difficulty seeing. She’s grateful that F&C has given her the opportunity for work and to be a part of the community that has been a great encouragement to her. When she first joined the project she was amazed to see how the other artisans with a variety of backgrounds, help and encourage one another.

Annette is grateful to God that He has allowed her the opportunity for emotional healing and recovery through the Dove’s Nest and Fashion & Compassion! Her life is forever changed!