Keisha’s Story

A life “out of control”

Keisha knows what happens when there aren’t adults around to guide and care for you. For her, it meant she ended up “hanging out with older kids on the street” and using drugs.

And though she was just 10 years old, this set a pattern that continued for years.

You could almost say that Keisha raised herself.

When Keisha’s mom worked, she was left with her grandmother. But her grandmother let her run the streets, where she starting hanging out with girls a lot older than she was. That’s where she developed her first drug habit – at the young age of 10.

When Keisha was 13, her mother moved the family away, and Keisha ended up taking care of her two brothers because “mom was never home.” “I did all the cooking and cleaning and helped with homework,” she says. “Then one day I took a drink of her alcohol and it made me feel so good and happy…it made me forget that my mom wasn’t there.”

“I never thought I needed help.” 

Keisha’s drug and alcohol use continued, but she still managed to get her nursing license. “For a while, I thought I was good. I had two full-time jobs, a house and a car, and my kids…but then I started losing everything because of my addiction.”

Her brother intervened and Keisha realized she needed help.

“My first spiritual awakening!” 

Keisha entered a four-day detox program, and there, she found a counselor who really cared about her. “She stood her ground with me,” Keisha says. “She cared enough about me to help!”

Keisha’s four-day stay turned into 28 days, and then one of the counselors recommended additional time here at the Rescue Mission in our Dove’s Nest residential recovery program. “At 41 years old, I finally started finding out who I really am.” 

The lessons Keisha learned were not easy. “I started loving myself,” she says. “But I also started feeling guilty about my children. I bought my kids’ love by having two jobs and giving them everything they wanted. But now I see that was not the right way.”

“Here at Dove’s Nest, they show you it’s never too late to start your relationship with God. They get to the core of your problem instead of just addressing the addictions. I had a lot of resentment and anger and abandonment issues, and the Rescue Mission helped me dig down deep and work those out.”

Keisha’s relationship with the Lord is continuing to grow. “Today, I love myself. And I love life!” she says with a smile. “I always wake up and say to the Lord, ‘Lead me and guide me.’”