Janet’s Story

After years of substance abuse, unhealthy relationships and estrangement from her loved ones, Janet wanted desperately to escape her troubled past.

“I thought I was going to run away from my problems when I moved to South Carolina,” she says. “But when you bring you with you…”

Her tragic life not only continued… it spiraled even further downhill.

Her despair became so great, she tried to take her own life. By God’s grace, she survived… and while she was recovering, she learned about Dove’s Nest, our residential women’s recovery program at the Charlotte Rescue Mission.

Although she did everything asked of her to complete the faith-based program, her heart wasn’t yet ready to be transformed. “I started my whole destructive lifestyle over again, and I ended up being homeless,” she says. “I had everything I owned in the back of my car.”

Recalling the acceptance and stability she felt inside our doors, she returned. Now she’s embracing the guidance of our staff, who are helping her understand and deal with the root causes of her challenges. And she’s rebuilding her relationship with the Lord.

“I have God in my life again,” she says. “I believe He never left me during all those hard times. I just left Him.” She’s learning to love herself as God loves her and is excited to observe how He is changing her from the inside out. “My life was nothing but lies and I didn’t want to be like that,” she says. “I’m not that person anymore.”

She’s grateful to Dove’s Nest for helping her find meaning in her life. Today, with a heartfelt desire to “give back,” she’s working toward her goal of becoming a peer-counselor so she can help other women overcome destructive challenges.

“I believe every day that God brought me here for a reason and He has a plan for me,” she shares. “My purpose in life has not passed.”