Dee’s Story

A Chance for New Life


Dee’s son was just five when she and her husband separated. That’s when her life began to fall apart.

“I began to drink and use drugs. I lost my son, lost jobs, lost everything. My life was very crazy.”

“Drinking and drugs led me to places I never thought imaginable,” she says sadly. “Eventually, I ended up homeless. There were warrants out for my arrest. I was at my wit’s end!”

Dee was arrested and spent three months in jail. When she got out, she stayed with her sister and brother-in-law.

The McLeod Addictive Disease Center was Dee’s next stop on her road to recovery, and they referred her to the Rescue Mission and Dove’s Nest.

God led Dee on the path to redemption!

“I was scared,” she admits today. “I still didn’t think I needed to come here. But I had to do something to get to the next step in my life.”

“Everyone here is friendly and loving. They helped me to work through the troubles in my past, to learn from God’s Word and start a relationship with Him.”

“Now I know that I’m being led by the Spirit!”

When Dee was ready to graduate and begin the next steps in her recovery, she was accepted at Oxford House, a clean and sober living facility for individuals in recovery.

“It’s a safe place where nobody uses and nobody drinks and I can still work my program.”

Dee had a job before she left Dove’s Nest. Now, she has an even better position, is making better money and is trying to go back to school.

“Dove’s Nest gave me a place to come and learn another way of living. They guided me to love myself and to learn who I am. It’s an amazing place that saves lives!”

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