Anthony’s Story

“I gave more time to alcohol than I did to my son.”


Anthony remembers his own father taking him fishing when he was 12 or 13. They would both drink. But alcohol didn’t become a real demon in Anthony’s life until he was 15, when he began drinking heavily – and smoking marijuana.

“My son was born when I was 24, so I stopped smoking marijuana. But the alcohol continued. Today, he’s nine, but I lost the last five years of his life…”

“I couldn’t keep a steady job,” Anthony remembers. “I could get good jobs, but then my addiction would just pull the carpet right out from under me.”

Anthony came into the Rescue Mission twice, and left both times, before he was really ready to make a commitment to turn his life around.

This time, Anthony committed to our Rebound program, and graduated last October! “I just keep praying to God, asking Him to keep me sober one day at a time.”

And once his life was straight, Anthony could focus on others.

“Now I can be the father to my son that I should have always been. But I can’t get those five years back, and that’s hard.”

Once Anthony left the Rescue Mission, he attended and graduated from culinary school, with his family and friends from the Rescue Mission attending the ceremony. Today, he’s reunited with his son and works at a local restaurant.

“If you want to change your life, to start a new journey and put the past behind you,” he says, “I recommend Rebound!”

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